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Choosing Wells & Associates means choosing a law firm that values integrity, professionalism, and client satisfaction. Our attorneys are experts in their fields, committed to offering personalized and effective legal solutions.

Areas of Practice

Corporate Business Services

Your Corporation is a distinct and separate legal entity apart from your own personal affairs. It requires guidance regarding its rights and responsibilities.

Real Estate

The purchase, lease and sale of real estate in Canada are major economic activities and highly regulated by Provincial and Federal laws. These transactions require expertise to avoid potential liability and protect your rights.

Wills & Estates

When a person dies without a Will, that person’s property is distributed according to a formula fixed by law. Without a Will legal costs increase and neither you nor your family have any input as to the handling of your affairs.

Collaborative Law

This area is the fastest growing movement in Canadian Law. It can be utilized in many instances (Personal or Business Disputes, Wills and Estates) providing you another option to the adversarial norm that people tend to adhere to.


A Mediator will guide you through an effective problem solving process to resolve the issue at hand. The goal is to have open and valuable communication facilitating a win/win outcome.

Restorative Justice

This specialized area of law allows you to have a voice at the conclusion of the justice process. It can provide closure for individuals and corporations thereby promoting socially responsible communities.