Wills & Estates

Your Estate is the total representation of your collective assets during your lifetime.

You have spent a lifetime building your Estate; it would be only natural to want to protect it.

Three documents are utilized to do this:

1) Last Will and Testament
If your Will is not up to date, it will limit your input into distribution of your Estate, guardianship of your minor children, and recognition of your final wishes.

2) Personal Directive
The Personal Directive removes the difficult health decisions from your loved ones in case you are unable to voice your own decisions during a health care crisis.

3) Enduring Power of Attorney
The financial document which allows loved ones to care for your Estate while you are unable to attend to them yourself.

Let us help you by:

  • Articulating¬† your wishes and moral beliefs within the Will, Power of Attorney and Personal Directive
  • Directing the Probate of Estates, Personal Directives and Powers of Attorney
  • How to minimize the work load for your Executor/Executrix